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Wealth, The Great Evil

It seems to be the clarion call of the day: “Wealth is EVIL!”   The 1% are bad guys or must be because only the evil can accumulate great wealth 

The fact is money is not inherently evil.  Good guys can make money, bad guys can make money. 

The real fact is nothing happens UNLESS someone makes money.  There would be no hospitals, no churches, no monuments, in fact there would be no electrical grid, no roads, no water distribution system, no schools.  So, is wealth evil?  The fact is the top 1% of earners in this country pay 50% of the tax that accomplishes those necessities. 

Great wealth is accumulated by hard work, intelligent investing, and most times by being wise and empathetic with lots of employees and partners along the path to success.  Evil seldom wins.  Evil is not a brick in the building process of all but a very few great fortunes.



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