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The Laugh of the Week

The Laugh of the Week

Here’s the laugh of the week.

Hillary and Bill have released their tax returns…remember they left the White House broke. They reported 10.6 million in earnings, most from speeches. He’s paid as much as a half million (sometimes more) for a 45 minute speech. Have you ever been to a Rolling Stones concert? 50 semi trucks and a hundred employees spend three days setting up for a concert and those five guys on stage for three hours earn about $360,000 each, best I can figure, and that’s gross. About 2 grand a minute, gross with lots and lots of expenses. Do you really think Bill is more entertaining? Bill earns $11,000 a minute and his expenses are likely a $500 hooker in his hotel room, provided by those who’ve hired him…or should I say those who bought a chunk of our State Department and soon hope to buy a chunk of the presidency.

But the most hilarious thing of all, is I’m embarrassed as the Clintons are actually much more benevolent than I’d ever have guessed…they gave over a million, actually 1.043 million to charity.

Oops, it seems a million of that they actually gave to themselves as that million went to the Clinton Foundation that gives only 12% of its take to actual good works…the other 88% goes to Bill and Hillary’s travel and entertainment.

How stupid they presume you and I to be.



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