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The Clinton Mob

The Clinton Mob

It goes on and on….

Eighty five of one hundred fifty six private individuals who gained access to the Hillary inner sanctum at the State Department donated to the Clinton Foundation…the most blatent misuse of power in this country’s history and we’re walking around fat dumb and happy when we should be demanding her imprisionment.

Those 85 contributed one hundred sixty five million to the Clintons.

Hillary approved the sale of 20% of America’s uranium production to the Russians: nine Russian businessmen donate one hundred forty five million to the Clinton Foundation. By the way, uranium is used to make nuclear weapons.

The Democratic machine is saying there’s no proof of a quid pro quo on Hillary’s part. As usual, that’s total bulls–t as the mere access is the quid pro quo. If you’re a fat cat and can pay off the Clinton’s, you get access. If you’re a poor honest person who has a problem, take a hike.

How stupid do they continue to prove we are?



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