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Thank God For Zinke

Thank God For Zinke

Thank God for Ryan Zinke, our Congressman from Montana, who’s speaking at the Republican convention. We need such a man of character and conviction.

Was there ever a bigger bunch of hypocrites than those so-called Republicans who are staying away from the convention because their favorite is not the probable nominee?

Bush one is too senile to know what’s going on and I respect him for his WWII service and his time in office so I won’t demean him in any way…but Bush II, his brother, Romney, and, yes, my own senator from Montana, Daine’s, and many others are all so preoccupied with their own image that they risk the country going to rack and ruin the result of a possible and probable growing liberal SCOTUS, Supreme Court. A consequence the country will likely never recover from. The next president will appoint 3 and possibly 4 Supreme Court justices…and for that reason alone the above names should be stomping the precincts for the Republican nominee. Their image? I now see it in those stomped on cow patties out in my pasture.

Daines, the senator from Montana says he’s going fly fishing rather than to the convention. The water this next week may be as low as my new opinion of him, I hope so. Maybe he should hold hands with Tester, our Democratic senator and go to hell…oops, I mean Hill’s convention. He and the others are ignoring the future of the country, and I’m insulted and offended that I ever supported any of them.

Would pompous ass be an adequate description of those turncoats? I personally think worse, but out of respect for their prior offices won’t say it.



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