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One Worldism

America has nothing to gain and everything to lose from “one-worldism.”  When you are the “go to” country in the world, near the very top of economic success, then averaging out with more than one hundred countries, some of whom have an average income of $1.00 a day, has a guaranteed result.  That result is your standard of living falling, falling, falling.  Should we be so greedy we want to maintain one of the highest lifestyles in the world?  Let’s see, our forefathers risk all to bring us to freedom and to allow us to operate under the greatest document ever crafted to bring you life, liberty, and allow the pursuit of happiness. Then subsequent generations gave many millions of lives to keep what the forefathers bestowed upon the USA.  To not protect that would be a sacrilege.  The ultimate insult to those who’ve gone before us who’ve given so much.  The EU was a forerunner of such “one-worldism.”  I’m happy to see the UK escape a threat. 

The UK has begun to wake up to the Chunnel, a pathway for Muslims and others to flow into Brittan with no vetting.  Then to insult the country which had welcomed them.  That’s the crux of the vote to flee from the EU (28 countries by far the majority with lower standard of living than the UK), that and the collapse of Greece, a country where folks retire at 55 and want to be supported by the rest of Europe. 

Let’s pray that the UK backing out of the EU is the beginning of a return to sovereignty and individual pride in one’s country, be it the UK or America or wherever.  Let’s hope it’s the beginning of a movement to make America GREAT again and to put our own country at the forefront of our actions.  Trust me, Trump will bow to no one but the American people.



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