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If you watched Skippy Anderson last night after the Trump/Hillary presentation, and the three pro-Hillary military guys who are heehawing Trump saying “keep the oil,” I have to tell you I totally agree, keep the oil or at least keep control of the oil, and have said so since Desert Storm. Taking, or controlling, the source of wealth keeps heinous groups such as ISIS from forming in the first instance. No money, no arms; no arms no war. As always, common sense evades liberals. In fact, we should have subdivided Iraq into Sunni, Shia, and Kurd, three countries, controlled the oil, and allocated the profit, after we regained our costs, to those three countries. They will continue to fight as long as they try to be neighbors, after all, the fight is 1,500 years old. As always, the talking heads of CBS, NBC, ABC and CNN are throwing everything they can (read LYING here) at YOU to keep you from voting for a guy who wants to make America GREAT again and knows how. He said Obama has gutted the armed services and of course the existing generals and admirals say “Wrong” in public as the few left want to keep their jobs. Of course Obama bows to the Muslims and would never offend them by doing what’s right for America.  Here’s the truth:




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