Bombastic, seemingly egotistic, bad hair, too well dressed, speaks out of turn, three wives, and on and on are so many reasons to dislike the guy….

Then again, great kids. Having raised four I know that having great kids takes time and attention, and some degree of toughness. Tough love. An accomplishment difficult to achieve when you’re scrambling to make a living and build something those same kids can be proud of, and admire, and when the first thought is to make them love you when you have limited time to invest in the kids…if you want them well fed and warmly dressed, and educated. There must be something there, something to The Donald, that’s hard to see under the shell of arrogance.

How, possibly, could a guy whose never been a politician be expected to run such a complicated affair, such a huge in and outflow of cash, such a balance of hopefully forward momentum required to bring 535 members of congress and the Supreme Court together to accomplish something positive for the country? Trump’s never done any of that…or has he?

Having been a contractor and developer for the first half of my career, I know, in a small way, what it takes to bring an architect, a structural engineer, a mechanical engineer, a planning department, a city council or county board of supervisors, a building department, a grading contractor, a sewer and water contractor, a concrete contractor, a steel erection contractor, a flooring company, an electrical contractor…and on and on and on…together. And that was for a small project, not a series of massive high rises and other projects. High rises built in the center of great cities where every project means not only complying with a plethora of departments run by long time employees who get their check at the end of the month no matter if your project is approved or not, who probably dislike you as you’re from the private sector and are rich, who have to deal with complaints from the historical preservation committee, the keep rents low committee, the anti-progress committee, and again, on and on and on.

There’s never been a politician who has had bring together such a diverse and antagonistic group as does any developer who’s built a major project in a metropolitan area of the United States, much less in dozens of cities as diverse as Chicago, New York, Las Vegas, and, again on and on. Not to speak of dealing with foreign languages and mores and prejudices in most the highly developed cities of the world, with diverse religions, cultures, and races.

No, you can’t vote for a guy who’s running for a job he does not need, who’s one of the most accomplished budgeters in America, who’s raised great kids now accomplished in their own right. Who knows how to get things done and has done so time and time again.

Let’s stay with politicians who hate and fear such a guy, and who lie about him time and time again to keep their well feathered nests, and who have lied to us time and time again. Who’ve driven the country nineteen trillion in debt. Who offer no jobs to college graduates who leave school many, many thousands of dollars in debt. Who enter office in debt themselves, and strangely enough, leave office wealthy, with many times what they could have possibly earned from the job. Who have voted themselves perks far above any offered to those who voted them in. Why should they involve themselves in Social Security, when they’ve ruined the system?

Hell no, I can’t think of a reason to vote for Donald J. Trump.



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