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Conservatives are WRONG!

Conservatives are WRONG!

Wait a minute! O’Reilly and many other conservatives are WRONG. Trump is not drifting left with his paid child-birth proposal. Trump says women should get six weeks paid maternity leave and is accused of that being a liberal agenda. If being in favor of family is exclusively a liberal agenda, then I guess it is, however, it’s not, conservatism is far more in favor of family than the “let’s have two fathers” liberal agenda. What he also said was child care would become deductible. That, ladies and gentlemen, is about as conservative a proposal as any he’s ever proposed. God, family, country is as conservative as it gets…and unfortunately liberals and conservatives have drifted far from the basic values upon which this country was found. Being “deductible” is not having the government pay for birth leave, unless you think denying a pregnant mother from the so-called responsibility of paying tax on the cost of child care is right. God knows not having child care deductible, as has been the case, and having a lousy economy wherein a woman has to work to help pay the family’s way is right, is actually as wrong as taxing 80% of social security…a Bill Clinton accomplishment.

Encouraging family and a father and mother to be in the home is a conservative value, not a Republican or Democratic value. It’s an old school AMERICAN value. God bless America and family



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