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For those of you who think the Clinton’s motivations are altruistic, let me ask you a simple question: Do you have a “foundation?” To quote Hillary, “We left the White House broke.” How many broke folks, folks living day to day, folks with nothing to hide, form a “foundation?” None, that’s how many. You only […]

Income Inequality?

A new report from the California Policy Center has revealed that “income inequality” experts at the Univeristy of California at Berkeley earn more than $300,000 a year, placing them in the top 2% of all American earners. Marc Joffe, the author of the report, contends that Berkeley economists who are interested in lessening compensation inequities should […]

Thank God For Zinke

Thank God for Ryan Zinke, our Congressman from Montana, who’s speaking at the Republican convention. We need such a man of character and conviction. Was there ever a bigger bunch of hypocrites than those so-called Republicans who are staying away from the convention because their favorite is not the probable nominee? Bush one is too senile […]


Had an interesting conversation with an Englishman yesterday. He did not approve of his country leaving the EU, when asked why he said his daughter attended college in Scotland and he was worried Scotland would leave the UK and his college costs would go up. It’s the old whose ox is gored. I personally would […]

One Worldism

America has nothing to gain and everything to lose from “one-worldism.”  When you are the “go to” country in the world, near the very top of economic success, then averaging out with more than one hundred countries, some of whom have an average income of $1.00 a day, has a guaranteed result.  That result is […]

Government Deaf and Dumb

More and more I’m outraged by government, on every level, hiding information from the public.  Homeland Security is instructed not to use the term Muslim or Islam extremists, even when the subject of the statement clearly are that, local country commissioners and city councils hide the fact perpetrators of crimes are Muslims, yet were the […]


IT’S CONFIRMED: A MAJORITY OF CONGRESS IS MENTALLY ILL  If I said I was Napoleon, while standing with one hand tucked into my waistcoat, and if you believed I believe it, could you rightfully conclude that I was mentally ill?  I don’t think you’d doubt me to be delusional.  If I was in every physical […]

Bernie the TIT!

Bernie comes to Missoula, Montana today, my nearest city and I know he’ll have a huge turnout even though the parking will be a nightmare. Why do I know he’ll have a huge crowd? Missoula is a university town full of Forrest Service and Bureau of Land Management employees as well as the usual plethora […]