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Conservatives are WRONG!

Wait a minute! O’Reilly and many other conservatives are WRONG. Trump is not drifting left with his paid child-birth proposal. Trump says women should get six weeks paid maternity leave and is accused of that being a liberal agenda. If being in favor of family is exclusively a liberal agenda, then I guess it is, […]


If you watched Skippy Anderson last night after the Trump/Hillary presentation, and the three pro-Hillary military guys who are heehawing Trump saying “keep the oil,” I have to tell you I totally agree, keep the oil or at least keep control of the oil, and have said so since Desert Storm. Taking, or controlling, the […]


Want your laugh of the day…reporters saying theres no connection between the Clinton Foundation and her serving in the State Department…how about Hillary, the obvious? I guess that’s no connection, particularly when over 50% of the private individuals who met with Hillary as Sec. of State contributed to the Clinton Foundation. Not only contributed, but […]


Building Great Wealth 1A By Hillary Clinton This is a very short course in great wealth building: 1) Get elected or appointed to a federal office, or position, such as Secretary of State. 2) Create a foundation for charitable goals and allow that foundation to pay for your travel and entertainment ($21,000,000.00) in one year […]

The Clinton Mob

It goes on and on…. Eighty five of one hundred fifty six private individuals who gained access to the Hillary inner sanctum at the State Department donated to the Clinton Foundation…the most blatent misuse of power in this country’s history and we’re walking around fat dumb and happy when we should be demanding her imprisionment. […]


Bombastic, seemingly egotistic, bad hair, too well dressed, speaks out of turn, three wives, and on and on are so many reasons to dislike the guy…. Then again, great kids. Having raised four I know that having great kids takes time and attention, and some degree of toughness. Tough love. An accomplishment difficult to achieve […]

Raccoons in the Attic?

Not my writing, but damn well said: Assume that you’ve been on vacation for two weeks, and when you come home you find that your basement is infested with raccoons. Hundreds of rabid, messy, mean raccoons have taken over your basement. You want them gone immediately. You call the city, the county and 4 different […]

The Laugh of the Week

Here’s the laugh of the week. Hillary and Bill have released their tax returns…remember they left the White House broke. They reported 10.6 million in earnings, most from speeches. He’s paid as much as a half million (sometimes more) for a 45 minute speech. Have you ever been to a Rolling Stones concert? 50 semi […]