For those of you who think the Clinton’s motivations are altruistic, let me ask you a simple question: Do you have a “foundation?” To quote Hillary, “We left the White House broke.” How many broke folks, folks living day to day, folks with nothing to hide, form a “foundation?” None, that’s how many. You only form a foundation when broke if you want to “hide” money. And the Clinton’s have hidden the money they gleaned from selling out the country in a manner that would shame Ponzi or Madoff or Capone. When, as President you pardon a white collar criminal such as Mark Rich, or as Sec. of State you approve the sale of 20% of America’s uranium production to the Russians and then your foundation rakes in 145 million from Russian “donors,” you’ve shamed every lesser thief in the history of this much too trusting country. But what the hell, who cares about the future of the country when you can line your own pocket. Folks, remove your heads from the sand.



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